Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper | Atsuna Matsui

Dr Pepper | Atsuna Matsui

Dr Pepper | Atsuna Matsui

Dr Pepper | Atsuna Matsui

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper®. The opinions and text are all mine.

There is something wonderfully nostalgic, poignantly fleeting when returning to your childhood through some symbolic goods or products like music that reminded you of a summer after your freshmen year of high school or a picture that sends you back in time, sending a rush of vivid memories that jettison you back in time. I happened to have this exact kind of feeling enjoying this Dr Pepper today, it reminded me of the tremendous amount of joy and play that encompasses youth – but more than that, the ride itself that is youth. I fully reveled in that feeling, as I felt like I was fully the present, but feeling the past. I wonder if any of you feel this exact way.

I typically don’t consume sodas on a regular basis, but now that summer is just around the corner, I love a refreshing drink like Dr Pepper to quench my thirst. My friends and I picked up Dr Pepper from my local #Walmart for our little get together at the poolside. We took a dip in the pool on this fine sunny day and enjoyed our Dr Pepper as we talked and caught up on each other’s lives.

With its rich, delicious taste and 23 unique flavors, there’s something irresistible about Dr Pepper. Every now and then, I like to treat myself with a sweet beverage and when the craving calls, nothing beats an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper launched its #PickYourPepper campaign, in which limited edition, custom printed Dr Pepper 20 ounce bottles are available for a limited time. They were designed by millennials for millennials. By creating a variety of unique labels, Dr Pepper is celebrating their individuality and giving us the option to choose the one that best fits our personality, mood, or passion. They hit stores starting June 15th so be sure to be on lookout for the limited edition bottles.

Also, when you buy Dr Pepper at Walmart this summer from June 15th until August 15th, you can upload your receipt here to get these list of prizes:

  • Spend $5, get a unicorn beverage holder inflatable
  • Spend $10, get a Walmart e-Gift Card worth $5
  • Spend $20, get a 6 pack can/bottle holder with ice pack
  • Spend $40, get a Dr Pepper bottle shaped pool float

I’m featuring the Dr Pepper bottle shaped pool float prize in my blog post and seriously thinking of snatching the unicorn beverage holder inflatable as well. The bottle shaped pool float is soo cute and just perfect for any pool party.

Full of smiles and laughter, Dr Pepper was keeping us pretty chirpy and energized for the rest of the day. After our time at the pool, we actually ended up grabbing some Japanese Onigiri (rice balls) at a local restaurant in Venice Beach and picked up some pudding from a Japanese bakery. Food and pleasant chit chats; my weekend couldn’t have been spent any better among great company.

Life is an incredibly long journey, but it passes by fast. As I find myself at a specific junction in my life, that is busy and often centered on work, it is truly a blessing to spend time with those that I care about and to reconnect. It reminds me of a quote that ‘you make life happen, or life will happen to you.’  It always makes me reassess where I am and reminds me to spend good time with friends and family…and while at it, maybe have a Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper | Atsuna Matsui

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Totally need a Dr Pepper now.

ISA Professional

There’s something really unique about Dr. Pepper’s taste. Awesome photos girls!

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

you were designed by millennials for millennials.

I haven’t had soda in years too

I haven’t had soda in years too! Loving all of these beautiful photos of you two girls! <3 🙂

XO, Elizabeth

You girls look like you’re having a super chill pool day- love!


I love Dr. Pepper. It’s awesome that they sponsored you!

Simply Lovebirds

I have never really tried Dr. Pepper but I would love to someday! 🙂 And the Japanese Onigiri sounds pretty interesting! 🙂 Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead gorgeous Atsuna!!