How to Style: Thrifted Pieces

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I filmed another video on how to style: thrifted pieces for you guys! Based on the responses I’ve been getting from my subscribers, I think this is my best one yet.

Basically, I bought a few thrifted pieces on Melrose Street and stylized them based on how I normally would. Generally, I gravitate towards neutral colors, and bohemian vibes when it comes to my day-to-day style with clothes, but that doesn’t deter me from experimenting here and there whenever I want to. In fact, the last look with the bright pink hoodie and acid-wash jeans was definitely something a little more playful for me, but I’d definitely still rock a look like this on days when I’m feeling bold and cheery.

As you may have noticed, I have an adoration for hats, so be expecting more fashion looks incorporating a variety of hats.

Photos by Nathaniel Unger// Instagram @nathaniel_thomas_