Moroccanoil Hair Care

Moroccanoil Hair Care | Atsuna Matsui

Moroccanoil Hair Care | Atsuna Matsui

Moroccanoil Hair Care | Atsuna Matsui

Moroccanoil is the brand that started the worldwide buzz on argan oil, revolutionizing the beauty industry. 

The Hydration Collection is suited for normal to dry hair and contains advanced replenishing nutrients that deeply hydrate hair while maintaining its natural moisture balance.

Their signature product, Moroccanoil Treatment, pioneered the oil-infused hair care and is the perfect foundation for all hair care. The treatment creates long-lasting smoothness, increases manageability, speeds up blow-drying time and boosts shine. It helps restore and revive hair damaged from color and chemical processes, as well as environmental factors. The alcohol-free formula is easily absorbed by wet or dry hair, without leaving behind a greasy residue. I use this product on a daily basis to control frizz and flyaways and it gives my hair a softer texture.

From the Moroccanoil line, my other two personal favorites would have to be the Dry Shampoo and the Intense Hydrating Mask.

Dry shampoo is something I use every 3 days to keep my locks looking fresh and grease-free without having to wash my hair. Excessively washing your hair dries it out, which is something I avoid doing since my hair is bleached. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes and revitalizes my hair and scalp to extend the life of my style. Formulated with ultra-fine rice starches, this powerful cleanser dissipates instantly to absorb oil and product buildup, leaving behind no dull residue. My hair is left refreshed and cleansed with a silky feel.

The Intense Hydrating Mask is also really great for me to use on a weekly basis to keep my hair looking healthy and nourished. The rich, creamy formula deeply hydrates and moisturizes my hair, while improving texture and manageability. I leave the treatment in for about 5 – 7 minutes and it helps restore the elasticity and shine of my hair after each usage.

Moroccanoil has the highest quality hair care products and has grown into an iconic beauty brand in the past few years. Their products are infused with rich argan oil, which is so great for the hair and I highly recommend to give this brand a try for those looking to treat damaged hair.

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