Music Festival Lookbook

Music Festival Lookbook | Atsuna Matsui

Music Festival Lookbook | Atsuna Matsui

Music Festival Lookbook | Atsuna Matsui

Music Festival Lookbook | Atsuna Matsui

Good afternoon ladies and gents.

I’ve been pretty busy as of late trying to produce quality YouTube videos so I’ve been neglecting this blog more than what I intended. Eek! juggling between my day job, filming videos, and curating new looks, I’ve been swamped with work for all hours of the day that aren’t allocated to sleeping. Literally, I eat, sleep, work and repeat. Actually, I barely even carve enough meal time for myself. I feel like I’m kind of like a robotic maniac high on sleep deprivation and stress.

Despite it all, I’ve been really enjoying my life and how it is now. I feel driven to my goal and I’m proud of the work and progress I’ve made along the way.

I absolutely adore the YouTube community and the positive responses I’ve been getting for my videos. For the first time, I feel like I’m creating art that not only is greatly appreciated by others, but is also about me giving back to the community. I’m not creating what I create for purely selfish reasons anymore, but I’m sharing my sense of style and brand to others in hopes of inspiring them and creating their own sense of style; whether that be fashion or personality.

I always truly identified myself as an artist, but one thing that bothered me about most artists is that they’re so egotistical. They use people as inspirations for creating their work of art and think their own taste as being vastly superior to others. But, one thing I really appreciate about the blogging community is how interactive it is. It’s no longer a one way street marketing tool where its all about me and how cool I am and because of how cool I am, I should dictate into what people should buy or like. In a world where a one way marketing strategy exists, society dominates in the way we think.

But for a blogging community, we’re all learning from each other and recycling inspirational ideas to better our lives in our own way.

If you’re interested in seeing more looks, check out my YouTube videos.

Photos by Nathaniel Unger// Instagram @nathaniel_thomas_

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