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Private Label Extensions | Atsuna Matsui

Since high school, I’ve always been a lash gal a.k.a. someone who was obsessed with lashes.

Just like how there’s a perfect pair of jeans for every person, I think there’s a perfect set of falsies for every girl. I’ve tried a number of lashes and found that Ardell Black Wispies suited my almond eye shape the best. I always wanted a pair of good quality mink lashes though since the material used for the Ardell Black Wispies didn’t look as natural as I want it to be.

All the previous mink lashes that I tried had really thick lash bands and when placed on my eyelids, it just looked really unnatural and the lashes looked too voluminous for my liking. I pretty much gave up on finding the perfect set of mink lashes, until Private Label Extensions sent me a few.

I had low expectations on how the falsies would look on me because of my previous experience with mink lashes, but I’m sooo thrilled with how they turned out. This pair of mink lashes that I’m wearing in this photo has become my ultimate favorite lashes. They add the perfect amount of length and there’s quite a bit of volume without making it look unnatural. I think it’s perfect for the daytime and night. The quality of the lashes is extremely nice for such an affordable cost so these are definitely my new go-to lashes.

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