Sugar Bear Review

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

Sugar Bear Review | Atsuna Matsui

I get a ton of questions about how I upkeep my mermaid hair and one of the things that I’ve started to do is incorporate Sugar Bear Hair vitamins into my daily routine. You only need to take 2 gummies per day and they literally taste like candy! I love how delicious the gummies are cause it makes me look forward to start my day with Sugar Bear Hair.

Sugar Bear Hair is filled with a ton of vitamins and natural ingredients so it’s great to take as a daily multi-vitamin supplement as well. The gummies are flavored from real berries and citrus fruits and are seriously the most delicious vitamin supplements I’ve ever had hence why they are so addicting. Even my boyfriend couldn’t resist these cute little gummies and started consuming them on the daily.

Sugar Bear Hair vitamins claims to help you grow longer and stronger hair, improve overall health and hair elasticity, increase hair strength and stop hair breakage. I’ve been taking these vitamins for about 3 months now and I’ve actually noticed my nails become stronger. I’ve always had really brittle nails that would chip, but the vitamins have been strengthening them. Nails are essentially dead protein like hair is. The strength in nails I’ve gained have stayed consistently and there has been no change or drop-off.  This may be an area of poor nutrition for me that the Sugar Bear Hair is correcting.

As far as hair is concerned, I think it feels a little fuller than before, the volume and strength of the hair.  Although, these are the virgin root hairs that haven’t yet been colored I do believe they are stronger hair fibers and fuller, which will only serve to benefit me if I color them which will accrue some damage to the hair fibers. The product is packed with biotin which is a key nutrient for hair health on top of many of the other essential vitamins and minerals.

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Love your hair style!Great post:-)

I didn’t know them, so thank you for sharing!
xx Elisa

I’ve seen so many reviews of this brand and glad to hear that your hair feels a bit fuller!

I was a bit skeptical about these vitamins but your post about them kinda interested me.

The gummies look sooo cute, not sure if I ever will have the heart to eat them lol! But gonna add multi-vitamins to my diet as well 🙂

I need to try these vitamins because your hair is goals hun 🙂 xx

Wow I have never heard about it. Your hair looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it. xoxo Cris

I always hear a lot of people talking about this product! I need to search a bit more, because I need some vitamins for my hair for sure! 🙂

OMG I love this hairstyle!!!

Steph yt

LOVE sugar bear hair! And i must say that you have created the cutest images with them!!