Summer Ready

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Summer Ready | Atsuna Matsui

Wearing: Polette El Dorado Trans / Savage Sevigny Top / Overalls by Wild Blue Denim x Sadie Robertson / Zara Flat Shoes with Brogue Details

Remember when I rocked a pair of overalls last Autumn as seen here? Well I wanted to wear a pair of overalls shorts now that summer is here. I find overall shorts much easier to style for a nice, casual outfit during the day.

Lately, I’ve been craving for some change. I was thinking about dying my hair purple. What do you guys think?

Also, what are some summer activities you’re looking forward to this summer? I’m thinking of riding this Skyslide in LA some time! Oooh and this weekend I will be seeing a play called “The Day Shall Declare It“. The Day Shall Declare It is currently running in Downtown Los Angeles, with the original London cast and the addition ofThe Paradise – an exclusive pop-up bar curated by the Vagrant Bartenders with live music and bespoke cocktails, open to show audiences and to the public following each performance. It’s an interactive play where the actors interact with the audience and supposedly the outcome of the play depends on the choices that the audience makes.

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Cute outfit:) Love the sunglasses!


I love your blog, thank you for sharing!
xoxo, Hadasah

Very cute look!

Your daily inspiration and motivation on


Loving the crop top and the overalls, gorgeous styling!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U


Loving how you styled these overalls with a crop top – makes for such a sporty chic summer outfit! And ohh the play sounds interesting! 🙂 I’ve heard about performance like that, where the ending depends on the audience’s choices! Hope you have lots of fun this weekend!

XO, Elizabeth