All Day Comfort with Dr Scholl’s Stylish Step

All Day Comfort with Dr Scholl's Stylish Step | Atsuna Matsui

All Day Comfort with Dr Scholl's Stylish Step | Atsuna Matsui

All Day Comfort with Dr Scholl's Stylish Step | Atsuna Matsui

I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

#advertisement Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ line offers several products, but I’m reviewing the High Heel Relief Insoles and Gel Heel Liners. The former is for your sole in high heels and the latter gives cushioning for the back of the heel. Although the gel insoles and heel liners are discreet and quite seamless to the eye and won’t affect the fit of the shoe, the Stylish Step™ offers a surprising amount of cushion and support based on your foot shape and the pressure areas of the foot based on one’s walking style.

Now I know NYFW is just around the corner and wearing comfortable heels is something crucial for long days on your feet. Wearing high heels that aren’t your proper size would hurt the moment you put them on and going a size up doesn’t work with heels, because they would slip off and someone might take a not so graceful fall to the ground. I used to not look forward to wearing heels for a long period of time. But that’s something that I just don’t have to deal with anymore and I’m greatly relieved for that. Having Dr. Scholl’s will make me more inclined to wear heels, especially for those dress-to-impress occasions like NYFW.

Now, I’m no doctor, but from what I have gathered, one of the key areas of concern regarding high heel wear is the potential pressure and discomfort to the toe box region of the foot – especially with those massive stilettos that we ladies like to wear to NYFW. The pressure of your body and a narrow width of a high heel can cause issues for your feet and comfort. Having a gel pack cushioning those areas shifts the pressure off of those areas, lessening the pressure I feel in the balls of my feet and easing my conscience about wearing heels. The additional arch support makes a huge difference and lessens the feeling of strain in the arch and pressure in the balls of my feet. Since you’ll be up on your feet for several hours during NYFW, a little help with Dr. Scholl’s will go a long way in providing comfort to your feet and saving yourself from blisters.

At an affordable cost of $7.99 at Target, I think the benefit of extra comfort is well worth the cost for those of us planning to wear heels to NYFW. Dr. Scholl’s is available at Target in the foot care aisles near the pharmacy section; also, they can be found here at Target. All the products in the Stylish Step™ line are available at Target online and in stores. Right now, Target has a Cartwheel offer for on Stylish Step™. Don’t forget to get yours and find out more here. #DrScholls

All Day Comfort with Dr Scholl's Stylish Step | Atsuna Matsui
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Your outfit is fabulous!

I don’t wear high heels too often but when I do i use insoles like these. It really does help

Allie of

Great post! x.

Vouch for dr scholls, have use their product in past

Wonderful post, dear! ♥ I really liked it!
Hugs ♥

These shoes are beautiful and you look stunning! x

Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

thank you for sharing such a great information.

I love using it,you look fantastic ❤