An Ultra Boost

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

An Ultra Boost | Atsuna Matsui

As for my latest obsession, it would have to be the tv show Westworld. Have any of you guys seen or heard of it? It’s about this futuristic augmented reality park designed for wealthy guests to engage with human androids. Guests can rape or kill any of the androids and the storyline of the androids changes dependent on the reaction of the guests. It’s on HBO and is a great filler show until Game of Thrones returns.

These days, I hardly ever leave the house past 9 pm unless it’s for a pitstop for grocery shopping. The days of partying come far and few in-between since me and my boyfriend have grown to become pretty domesticated so we’re embracing that granny and gramps lifestyle.

Although our nights are very tamed, I’ve grown to have a newfound appreciation for television the past year. The enjoyment of watching a show/movie within the comforts of your own home is so satisfying and experiencing an exciting new story within the click of a button makes it so convenient. I didn’t grow up watching television as a kid so this is actually pretty new for me.

Wearing: Sammy Dress Stylish Round Collar Long Sleeve Striped Sweater for Women / WATR Strapback White Cap / Topshop Airtex Insert Leggings / Adidas ‘Ultra Boost’ Running Shoe

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I love the slouch effortless chic look of this outfit on you!

Reallz love how cozy and stylish this look looks like!

Love this sports look, especially the sweater. Super cute. 🙂

I love your sporty-edgy look! So cool 🙂 And btw, I love Westworld as well, and I do also find myself binge watching a lot rather than partying. I guess that’s adulting? 😀


I looooved Westworld!! So sad season 2 isn’t for another year…

You look amazing and I am SO with you on being a total grandma, LOL.

xx, Amy

Love your hair!


Gorgeous! Love your leggings!

Alya / moorizzla xx

Such a cool look, babe- love the sneakers and that bold cropped sweater!

Le Stylo Rouge

Wow your sneakers are amazing!!!



Loove the sweater, the long sleeves are so in right now!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE