Antique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Antique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day | Atsuna Matsui

Valentine’s Day is only a matter of weeks away, and it’s time to show your significant other how much she means to you. While the traditional chocolates and flowers are always appreciated, you could step it up with a meaningful gift of antique jewelry, using precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. 

With elegant and refined pieces of antique jewelry, you can show her your utter devotion and everlasting love as jewelry from each time period tells of stories and traditions and features romantic detailing and motifs. These are some options we think she’d love to add to her collection:

Antique Opal and Diamond Pendant – Choose a stunning antique opal and diamond heart pendant from the late Victorian era.  She’ll have the option of wearing it as a locket with a picture of the two of you inside, or removing the locket portion and just wearing it as a diamond pendant. The pendant features over 2.5 karats of diamonds among the locket and bow, as well as a perfect Australian opal. It’s a perfect way to show her she has your heart.

18ct Antique Diamond Collar – There are rare pieces of diamond collars from the late Victorian period when collars were trendy. They are usually made of silver so finding an 18 karat gold one is a rare find. Choose a collar that features morning glory flowers and probably a heart-shaped padlock featuring a few small diamonds.

Antique Amethyst Drop Earrings – Amethyst earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day because amethyst is the birthstone of February. You can choose earrings which are from the Mid-Victorian era and crafted from gold.  She’ll love it more when the earrings are adorned with oval amethyst in an elegant teardrop style.  To check these or other pieces, check out dealers like Kalmar Antiques in Sydney.

Art Nouveau French cuff bangle from the 1890’s – Find elegant cuffs from the 1890s that feature a stunning floral design. Floral designs were common among the Art Nouveau period. A cuff that was designed out of sterling silver will sit comfortably on her wrist, where she can gaze at the calming romantic style.

Antique Pearl and Diamond Bangle – An elegant bangle from the 1880s is sure to wow her this Valentine’s Day. Find a bangle that is made out of rose gold which will bring an extra warmness to the piece and provide a beautiful contrast to the silver that the pearls and the diamonds are set in. It features three natural pearls, and 16 diamond chips equalling .60 karat weight. Its elegant design and bright sparkle make it very versatile.

Antique Ruby and Diamond Ring Find an antique ring that shines brightly with natural rubies as it will certainly look dazzling on her finger come to Valentine’s Day. With colorful rubies and diamonds, such ring is perfect to give her for any occasion. Find one that is made of the highest quality and will shine bright like your love.

We know how Valentine’s Day is to couples, and every piece of jewelry comes with a story. You just need to pick the right one. The pieces discussed above are just some of the jewelry you can give her this Valentine’s Day.

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These are the perfect gifts to your loved ones to make them feel special.

Valentine’s day is such a wonderful time of year. I love antique jewelry because you can usually get something much more unique and for so much cheaper!!
xx Belle

I love these unique gift idea, even though I don’t have someone to buy a gift for. LOL

I really love these picks. Jewelry is so personal and always perfect gift

Great tips, honey. My husband gave me an early Valintine’s gift, because we are not spending it this time together. Love the photo, is it you?

Hey Darling:)
How are you?
So Amazing Valentines Day Gift ideas:) Love Jewelleries especially with Gem Stones:)
Thank you:)
Love Open Kloset By Karina

Love this post babe!!! So many great pieces for V-DAY.
Thanks for sharing.

Wow, what a stellar idea!! I never would have thought “antique jewelry” when I thought of a Valentine’s Day gift. That’s very unique and all those pieces look absolutely stunning! I’m all about the non traditional gifts because the chocolates and flowers are so boring and overdone. Thank you for sharing these antique jewels with us!!

Jewelry for Valentine’s day is always a classic! I love the suggestions above. A diamond collar would be my first choice. Amethyst drop earrings are so timeless. That would be one of my go-tos.


I love that Pendant tho, it’s so cute and yes it will make the perfect gift.