Baby Blue

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Baby Blue | Atsuna Matsui

Hi, guys! How have you guys been doing?

I’m so glad that LA is starting to cool down and I can start wearing booties and long sleeves again! It hasn’t been cool enough for me to start busting out my tights just quite yet, but I definitely feel that this year will be a lot cooler than the previous year.

I’m loving the way that my purple hair color fades into a nice muted lavender gray and I plan to stick with this same shade the next time I visit my girl Chantelle again for a root touch up. In fact, I’ve been debating to get some hair extensions as well since I’ve been wanting to grow out my locks again with this new fun hair color.

Strathberry reached out to me for a sponsorship opportunity as well. I’ve never heard of their brand prior to this, but I instantly fell in love with their nano totes and ended up picking one in the color gray and cream. I kid you not that I can not rave enough about these adorable little crossbody bags and they’re well worth your money and such great quality! I’ve been receiving tons of compliments when I wear this little baby out and I think it’s one of those simply designed items with unique details that makes it a classic statement piece.

Wearing: 25th St Alexa Top / Strathberry Pearl Grey Nano Tote / 2020 Ave Gold Plated Ankle Boots / Topshop Moto Bleach Girlfriend Shorts

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That bag is gorgeous, the colour really suits your hair as well.
Don’t get me started on your hair colour, I love it!!!


I love your hair it’s so beautiful!!


This bag is gorgeous and it come in so many pretty colours!

You pretty fox. That top is angelic.

Hey Darling:) Sooo Amazing Photos:) In Love:)
Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

Love your hair babe!! Those boots are stunning.
Love your style

I totally love this look!! you look so beautiful in those pics and this top is amazing!

kisses dear

Beautiful outfit! I love every piece especially that fabulous top.

XoXo Noma

Those cross body mini bags are the best. I’ve certainly learned to downsize what I carry around with me now that I have gotten used to using them. Agreed, your hair looks lovely this colour!
xx Jenelle