Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside | Atsuna Matsui

Baby It's Cold Outside | Atsuna Matsui

A few weeks ago, LA was actually quite chilly and we had a couple of rainy and windy days. Although I am someone who hates the cold, I appreciated the breezy weather for a change since it meant that I could at last finally play with layers. There’s also something so satisfying about bundling up at home in my sherpa hoodie during the winter time.

Transitioning my life as an office lady to a full-time blogger definitely had its challenges, but many of my concerns were put to ease with perseverance and diligence. Each coming month, I’ve been receiving more sponsorship opportunities and I’ve been reflecting on creative concepts that I would like to bring to fruition in the upcoming months.

I would love to highlight more about my day-to-day experiences as a blogger, but truth be told, I wouldn’t want to bore you on the mundane aspects of a life as a blogger, since in reality, most days are pretty uneventful for me. I’m either working on photo edits, responding to emails, bookkeeping invoices, and perusing through Pinterest for photography inspirations.

When you’re still an adolescent, new experiences are so exciting to you and I was always someone filled with stories to share. In a lot of ways, adulting kills a lot of that excitement since we have responsibilities to uphold and financial worries to be concerned about. I definitely want to make more of an effort to not be a dull dud and live life unapologetically so I was wondering how do you guys get excited about living life? Traveling? Hobbies? Carpe Diem? Please do tell.

Wearing: AquaPillar Bootie / 2020 Ave Turtleneck Chunky Knit Sweater / Grana Black Denim High-Rise Skinny Jeans / Hieleven Flap Closure Bag

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really very nice post! all images are very good. Adorable post.

love this look! X

Daniel x

The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

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I’d love to hear more about it xx I think being still fresh in my career and having my own business on the side keeps me inspired

Wish I could live from my blog but I’m not there yet. Hope to get there. Love the beautiful sweater, X Charissa

I love that cozy knit babe!

So gorgeous babe. I love that sweater.
xoxo, Rachel

Love this look dear! That sweater looks so cozy!



Omg you sweater looks so warm and cozy!

Loving this sweater on you babe! It looks so snuggly!

Ashleigh x