Black Sheer Top & White Pants

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

Black Sheer Top & White Pants | Atsuna Matsui

The past week I’ve been reconnecting with some old friends and it got me feeling nostalgic. Being an idealist, I can’t help but romanticize friendships and memories.

Post-graduation, I chose to sacrifice my social life so that I could focus on my career. I definitely feel like I’m at a different place in my life now, where I’ve grown to have more appreciation of the quality of friendships I have over quantity.

In my younger years, being misunderstood amongst my peers was a key factor in inhibiting me from getting close to others. I really struggled with the emotional need to be understood and it caused me to feel distant from some of my friends since I thought they didn’t “get” me.

Fast forward to this current time, that is no longer the case. By having more security of who I am, I neither seek social approval nor feel this void to be understood. I realized it isn’t vital to have others understand you, but that you need to discover who you are and have self-acceptance. I appreciate the variety of friendships I was able to experience throughout my life and how each friendship entailed different stories and learning lessons.

In life, just be yourself because the right people will gravitate to you.

Wearing: Topshop MOTO Ecru Ripped Joni Jeans / Jolly Chic Boots / Leith Mesh Bra Top


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This mesh black top is perfection babe and love how you mixed with this white jean. You look stunning!

I love this combo!! super edgy and that top is fierce!

xo, samira

absolutely love your style!

I love the message and lessons you’re sharing in this post. I can relate as I’ve often felt misunderstood by my peers. But now, I am more confident and I don’t wait for anyone’s approval.
Love this outfit babe. The black top paired with the white jeans is such a pretty combo!

Bisous, Josie

Such a cute outfit babe. Love the sheer lace top.
xoxo, Rachel

Nice what are you writing about friendships and friends.
Be yourself is the best quote ever !
Nice top and love your hair babe I’ll repeat always 🙂

Eva ?

Such a cute outfit babe, you look as pretty as ever! And couldn’t agree more with what you said about the right people gravitating towards you, its so important to be ourselves!

xx, Kusum |

Your hair got longer and beautiful, I’m loving it and you look amazing as always.

Such a cute outfit on you! You really know how to style monochromatic themes really well! <3

I believe self acceptance is the key to pretty much everything, including what people around you think about you. I’m glad you made that journey that made you realize that you don’t have to change anything about you for others to be able to enjoy your company, quite the contrary, by being yourself now I believe that the quality (over quantity) friends you have now value for exactly that. Being Atsuna! Stay true to yourself and stay Atsuna as that’s the way we love you!