Clarins Double Serum Review

Clarins Double Serum has an enigmatic mix of ingredients to it and a unique texture that was thick in viscosity, but once applied was surprisingly absorbable and pleasant on the skin. The Double Serum absorbed into my skin very quickly and I can see how this would be suitable for really any skin type as it was extremely gentle but highly effective.

After using the Double Serum for just 7 days, my skin felt more smooth, nourished and radiant. Double Serum is packed with nutrients and feels healthy for your skin and the results show that. This powerhouse serum left my skin with a nice glow and shine. It’s very gentle so there was no issue with applying a large amount of it every morning and evening for me to give my skin a quick drink.

The performance of Double Serum is truly amazing and leaves my face looking more plump and supple with each use. The formula is light-weight making it really suitable for my sensitive, combination skin. With a natural, invigorating fragrance, the power of Double Serum cannot be denied. For those of you looking for a product that moisturizes, repairs, and soothes your skin, definitely give this Double Serum a go.

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Brittany Potter

I definitely want to try Clarins! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this product! Thanks for sharing!

I’m a Perricone girl myself but am considering trying Clarins now. Thanks for the post!

I’m a Perricone girl myself and I’ve been actually considering trying Clarins. Thanks for the Post

I’ve heard so many great things about this serum! <3 🙂 Definitely need to give it a try! Your skin looks sooo healthy and beautiful, love!

XO, Elizabeth T.

I’ve heard so many great things about this! Love these photos~

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Lisa Autumn

I just LOVE Clarins!

x Lisa |

What a wonderful post, dear!
Hugs ♥

I really like Clarins,thank for your pretty review ♥