Cloroom | Atsuna Matsui

Cloroom | Atsuna Matsui

Cloroom | Atsuna Matsui

Cloroom | Atsuna Matsui

Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but out of all the types of clothes I enjoy wearing, pajamas are my absolute favorite. I’m such a homebody and spend the majority of my time in the comforts of my home so I really enjoy investing in luxurious loungewear. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

I have various lounge wears made of laces, chiffon, cotton, Sherpa, and polyester. Never did it cross my mind to try loungewear made of silk though. Cloroom was kind enough to send me this pink silk loungewear set that includes a camisole, shorts, and a bathrobe. Cloroom uses 100% of the highest quality mulberry silk that’s processed at low temperatures to retain its nutritious quality. Not only is it the most comfortable loungewear that I own, but it provides a cooling effect that makes it nice to wear during the warmer seasons.

I also discovered that there are anti-aging benefits from using 100% silk sleepwear as well. Since silk is a natural protein fiber, it contains 18 types of amino acids that are beneficial to the body. While supporting the metabolism of the skin cells, it keeps the skin smooth by reducing wrinkles. Being in my mid-twenties now, I’m always looking for ways to delay the aging process of my skin, so I’ve been wearing my silk sleepwear more often these days.

Wearing: Cloroom Evening Sand Camisole Set / Cloroom Evening Sand Soft Inside Kimono

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Who doesn’t love a silk sleep wear? You look gorgeous on that sweet sleep wear babe.

Katrina Isha

I’ve read about the anti-aging benefits as well! I love this set on you!

So cute! My silk robe is a serious go-to every morning!

That looks soooo gorgeous on you 😀

xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

I’ve also heard that silk reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I love the pink on you. And for somebody who also is a homebody, i love pyjamas too much.


So pretty! Love this color

So gorgeous, girlfriend!

Le Stylo Rouge

I’ve never owned any lux pjs, but these look so divine! I need to start using pretty pjs!
xo | Cindy Elena

I’m seriously loving this silk setup! I’m usually a homebody type too, but my work requires me to be out so much I’m not home that much anymore like I used to. But I would love to have something nice to wear like this at home!

totally looove the silk loungewear!
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