Enjoying Paradise with Marriott Puerto Vallarta

This was my first experience in Puerto Vallarta and it was a great location to go on my first trip to Mexico. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the insane hospitality and service I received everywhere I went. Customer service can be lacking in the USA sometimes, and this was not the case at all in Puerto Vallarta. The lovely Marriott Hotel hosted my stay and I had a wonderful experience.

For our first evening, we had an amazing chef make us some locally sourced guacamole and salsa as we watched the intense blood orange sunset from the Master clubhouse suite at the JW Marriott.

On the following day, the tour guide that we had was an extremely well informed and friendly man, and I was able to ask him practically anything regarding local and national cultural issues, geography, history, etc. and I got so much more out of my trip than I would have without having a local to show us around. I had a tremendous interest in the diversity and complexity of the Indigenous, Mestizo, and European groups in Mexico and how they have fused over the centuries. It was a topic that infinitely fascinated me.

Scenic Beachfront boardwalks and restaurants are prevalent throughout the city.

We took scenic boat rides with Vallarta Adventures to remote beaches and villages that are only accessible by boat. It was my first time witnessing hundreds of tiny crabs ashore on the small sandy beach.

We ended our stay here at the beautiful Marriott herb garden and it was an enchanting experience to have a taste of their own tequila made on sight. It was the best tequila I ever tasted and is only sold at the Marriott there. We had a multi-course made from the head chef at the Marriott, and it was again beyond impressive and an exceptionally enjoyable meal to taste some of the Mexican ingredients with such vivid purity and taste that I was blown away at the flavor. It was a wonderful meal to have at sunset on our last evening there.

I just want to thank the JW Marriott of Puerto Vallarta for again hosting me and treating me so well during my stay.

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Such a cute floral crown you’re wearing. What a pretty resort. I have been to Puerto Vallarta and remember it being really nice. I’ll have to remember this hotel when I visit again! The service sounds great the herb garden is a great little personal local touch. Have a great week!


What a nice place, perfect for a getaway. I like all your outfits, you seem to have a wonderful time.


such wonderful pictures! I would love to visit this place! The food looks so good and I love how you edited the pictures♥
Selina | Selinas Inspiration

This really looks like paradise.. You also look gorgeous!

x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

You look fantastic as always and this place is incredible ❤

Oh wooow this really really looks like paradise! Especially that garden sounds awesome <3 Thanks so much for sharing this hotel tip <3
xx, Carmen – https://carmitive.com

Oh how dreamy! I’ve never been there before, but the place looks absolutely divine (so do your outfits!). Such a beauty, thank you so much for the inspiration! xx

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This Marriott Hotel looks GORGEOUS! The resort is full of picture-worthy spots and you can do a lot of relaxing there! The platter looks delicious. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

Looks like you had a lovely time here~

IG | @viviyunn_


This resort looks amazing! Makes me want to book a trip!

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