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Dressing casual and sporty may be a forever-trend especially in Los Angeles; where it’s always hot, casual looks are the norm, and fitness is worshipped.  I don’t think athleisure wear will ever not be popular.  I like wearing these types of outfits as you feel ready for anything.

I think future clothing will further tackle the “functional” aspect of clothing as I currently think fashion is everything but functional and is dominantly rooted in pure aesthetics. Do you prefer comfort over style or the other way around?

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Such a comfortable outfit with cool vibes.


Beautiful photos, and I love your outfit! You styled it wonderfully!


Wow, your photos are insane! Wish I could style clothes aswell as you too!

Asha xo Age of Youth 

I love this trend I wear active wear everyday Comfort and style are my goal Gorgeous outfit and images xoxo Cris


I prefer Comfort with a good style ?

These pictures are absolutely stunning! xx

This is a comfy outfit with style! I understand athleisure is a thing in LA since I got to visit it last year. I miss your city, I hope I can come back.


Lisa Autumn

So beautiful babe!

x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

Can we just appreciate for a minute please how GORGEOUS your hair looks here?!!!!

You look so cool! x