My Experience with BodyBoss

My Experience with BodyBoss | Atsuna Matsui

My Experience with BodyBoss | Atsuna Matsui

My Experience with BodyBoss | Atsuna Matsui

My Experience with BodyBoss | Atsuna Matsui

I recently started the BodyBoss 12 week fitness guide. It is a workout program, which has been very convenient and simple to follow  It requires no workout equipment to do, which is a big plus. Having a gym membership or resistance bands and weights around you can be tricky and difficult, so I appreciate not having to be concerned about that. Unlike other workout programs that I’ve seen, you access all the great BodyBoss workouts via the online edition from your electronics. I do my workouts from my Iphone and it makes it really convenient to do anywhere, whether I want to workout outdoors or while traveling etc. You can also purchase the hardcopy version of the fitness guide if you’d prefer to carry the physical book around with you.

The workouts are geared towards toning up your body and activating the afterburn effect, also know as the #BossEffect. This makes use of the intense workouts, increasing your metabolic rate after, and your body’s fat burning rate goes up. Although caloric and fat burning can be a nuanced topic, intense exercise that gets your heart rate up high will have better net fat burning affect than a steady state cardio – even considering both workouts burn the same net calories, the high intensity workout will burn more fat post-workout.

Intense exercise can be tough and test your resolve but it does save an immense amount of time; and in our modern busy world, time seems to be the one commodity that everyone would prefer. The BodyBoss workout routines don’t exceed 24 minutes and if your extra quick maybe even less. If you’re a beginner, fret not and don’t shy away from it as BodyBoss comes with a bonus 4-week worth of pre-training to prep your body before you actually kick-start the full 12 week program at full gear. All exercises are presented in a clear way with detailed instructions and images to guide you through the fun and engaging circuits.

One thing about detailed workouts is that sometimes the form can be difficult to get down, and instead of having to read a paragraph or two, BodyBoss has incorporated some great detailed gifs of the movements in the online edition so you can see how it’s done correctly in seconds- again saving your time.  I’ve learned a large bank of great body weight movements now that will help me later in my fitness endeavors and have got new methods to train my body in better ways that I wouldn’t know otherwise.

I have yet to complete the 12 week program, so I cannot relay my results without that caveat in mind; however, from my experience if you are a woman who simply wants to lose weight and get toned and firmer muscles, this is recommended for you and the BodyBoss method is geared towards achieving this quickly.  There are an array of fitness goals and without advanced equipment there is difficulty in finding a good workout regiment, but BodyBoss has done a great job utilizing body weight exercises that will challenge your muscles, which I’ve been impressed with.  And one great health benefit that I look for the most is that, muscle training done with intense cardio together is a great method to increase your insulin sensitivity which makes losing weight even easier.

Click here to find out more about BodyBoss.

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I’m all about fast and effective workouts! 🙂 Thank you so much for introducing this BodyBoss experience! <3 Definitely want to give it a try one day!

XO, Elizabeth

Girl, you’re looking so boss and just so good even when you’re working out 😀 I definitely need to check this out, thanks for the inspo boo!

xo Tina
IG; @tinasweetheart

Thank you for this lovely work out-Review.
I try to lose some weight, but it’s really hard. Definetly have to try this out 😀
ANd btw. you simply look stunning and have such a great Body.

with love your AMELY ROSE

Cool! I am intrigued to see how it works out for you!

Raindrops of Sapphire

I didn’t know about bodyboss but it looks pretty great!

I’ll have to check it out as I’m so bad with my workout routines!

Keep up with the good work and check out my blog if you fancy,
xx Kris


These are the workouts I like. So I will definitely try this, because it looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

How interesting!! Such a great post! Thanks for sharing!
Mónica Sors

I love working out from the comfort of my own home! I have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.


So cool, lady- thanks for sharing your experience!