Fresh & Clean with Tide

Fresh & Clean with Tide | Atsuna Matsui

Fresh & Clean with Tide | Atsuna Matsui

Fresh & Clean with Tide | Atsuna Matsui

Fresh & Clean with Tide | Atsuna Matsui

This blog post was developed in collaboration with Tide, but all words are my own.

We all have those staple pieces, favorite go-to outfits, or everyday items that we love but don’t want to wash after every wear – that’s why I was so excited to use the new Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray. It’s an innovative product from the experts who understand how to clean and protect fabrics most, and kills 99.9% of bacteria on tough-to-clean fabrics and clothes. It helps get some extra wears on my darker and more delicate fabrics or my favorite denim jacket that I worry about over-washing, and it cuts down on time if I need to put together a great outfit quickly instead of throwing it in the wash.

You just spray it from about 8 inches away from your garments and let it sit for 5 minutes to freshen fabrics. There’s no need to wipe away or wash. This makes it great to give you that peace of mind and some extra wear between washes.

It’s so simple and quick – and such a great solution to use for a busy lifestyle.  Time is so precious to me, with having so many things going on in our busy Millenial lives – from eating healthy, careers, and side hustles, anything that can save time and give some added convenience in my life is treasured.

An additional thing is that my boyfriend loves using it on his clothes and around the house as well.  He’s just as excited about using it as I am. Tide’s Antibacterial Fabric Spray will be a staple in my home from now on along with the great Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen which I have been using for years and love because I wear a lot of white and ivory toned clothes and I inevitably get some stains on it from time to time.

Click here for a $2 off coupon so you can get Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray to help keep your clothes fresh in-between washes, too! Tide antibacterial Fabric Spray is effective against bacteria as called out in registration

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I love Tide products when it comes to doing laundry! I think that the Antibacterial Fabric Spray would be AMAZING to have at home since I have so many pets running around all the time. Thanks for sharing! xo, sharon

I’d love to give it a shot! Thanks a lot for the recommendation, Atsuna xx


Loev these pictures, you look amazing. xx

Nina’s Style Blog

Definitely have to try the spray! Sounds amazing! And love your photos girlie!

Xo Babita

Love the first photo! Having good laundry products is such a game changer. Weird but true! haha x

Ohh this sounds sooo cool! Definitely need to try this fabric spray! <3 🙂 Looking super cute babe!

XO, Elizabeth T.

I need to try it 🙂

Oh this sounds fab babe!

x Lisa |