Girl Meets Shoes

Girl Meets Shoes | Atsuna Matsui

Girl meets shoes, and then they fall in love.

These babies are my current favorite pair of sandals for the summer time and they’re by Michael Kors. I’ve been surprised by the surge in popularity with the brand Michael Kors these past few years, since I don’t always find their items to be that stylish, but for the quality and build, not to mention the affordable price tag for the realm of name-brand products, naturally even I got sucked into the hype.

These sandals may not do much for me in terms of adding that extra height that I need, but I made an exception. When I laid eyes on them walking down the Shoes and Accessories aisle at Marshalls, it was love at first sight and I couldn’t resist. I’m really excited to add these guys to my wardrobe essentials and I foresee myself getting a ton of wear out of them.

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