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Go Nuts for Donuts | Atsuna Matsui

I recently received some accessories in the mail that I want to share some love to.

I’ve been using the Silver Felony Case for my iPhone for the past couple months and I’ve grown really attached to its minimal, chic aesthetic. I added another case to my collection with these Go Nuts iPhone Case by Case Taboo. It’s playful, corky design is great for the spring  and summer seasons when I will incorporate more color back into my wardrobe.

The past year I’ve been all about silver accessories over gold because I enjoy how it juxtaposes with my warm complexion. I’ve also been gravitating towards more neutral tones as of late and silver pieces serve as better understated pieces that go with minimal style. When I eyed these El Dorado Trans, I knew they would be a versatile piece to my sunglasses collection since most of my sunnies are embellished with gold details. I’ve shot a few outfit photos of me wearing these babies that will be up on the blog soon so stay tuned! 😉

I’ve also decided to make it a New Years Resolution to hit the gym more frequently for 2016. Playing motivational music is a must for me whenever I work out so having a pair of sturdy earphones is something I really value. Sudio is a lifestyle brand that makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in stores. They’ve created a stylish accessory, like a watch or belt, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earphones. The cord of these Vasa Rose Gold Black Earphones are designed flat, making them more durable and long lasting than regular earphones. It includes a full-feature 3-button remote and mic for both Android and iOS. The sound quality is amazing and you’re able to hear every detail in every instrument and song, giving a unique unforgettable sound experience.

My boyfriend habitually works out and he constantly goes through pair after pair of earphones since they get pretty beat up. I think this Vasa Rose Gold Black Earphones would make a great Valentine gift since Valentines is just around the corner. Sudio‘s earphones are stylish and functional, and would make a lovely gift for your significant other. For those of you interested in purchasing, be sure to use my 15% off code for Sudio below.

 15% off code for Sudioatsunamatsui

El Dorado Trans || Polette
Go Nuts iPhone Case || Case Taboo
Vasa Rose Gold Black || Sudio

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vintage fashion look, thanks for your article it’s very useful..!!

It´s a pleasure for me that I follow you now on bloglovin, it would be great if you follow me back 🙂
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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Love your phonecase, nice post!

The phone case is so cute


The cover is amazing *-*

I love this iphone case!! So cute!

I’ve been in the market for new headphones and sunglasses…this post has great suggestions for both! Thanks for the heads up

Brittny | http://www.brittnykindred.com

The iPhone case is adorbs – love it 🙂

Stay Styled,


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What a cute phone case. I may actually get some as I really need one x


The Silver Felony Case is amazing!!