In Another Realm

In Another Realm | Atsuna Matsui

In Another Realm | Atsuna Matsui

In Another Realm | Atsuna Matsui

In Another Realm | Atsuna Matsui

I stumbled upon this great location in DTLA back in the summer when this photo set was taken. It is a hallway made of storage containers in route to a courtyard of shops and apartments.  Although it has a bit of a futuristic urban chic vibe to it, it is actually quite subtle and I don’t think many people are aware of this location even though it’s in a busy area on Main St.

This was taken during the late summer when I was experimenting with some late night photo sets with my fashion outfits.

I thought the sweater was a great statement piece with the velvet green shine to the sweater topped off with the ever-trendy fiddler hat.

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Love your jacket & you look sexy. Cool!

Nahid |

Chic and cute look dear. Love the cozy jacket, and perfect sexy shorts to pair it with too!

Jessica |

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Looking fabulous, Atsuna! Love your outfit and this location is picture perfect xx

Naya //

I always love how you find neat places throughout LA for photoshoots! I like the vibes of the place. Looks modern with some oldschool vibes. I know I am definitely not aware of this place. Love your outfit!

Nancy ♥

Looks so cool! The place you described makes me want to find it lol
Thanks for sharing your look ♡
— Kiki |

Such a cool look, darling!
xGabi |

You look amazing!Love that sweater:-)

That location is so cool and futuristic like it’s abandoned, love it.
Your sweater is so cute and the pictures are stunning!
Loren |

These photos are absolutely stunning! You really captured this look well.
xx Jenifer