Learning to Enjoy Fitness

Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui
Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui
Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui
Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui
Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui
Learning to Enjoy Fitness | Atsuna Matsui

Maintaining a fitness regime comes easy for some, but for most it comes extremely difficult. I can see why.

It easy for many to focus on certain things, but when it comes to the uncomfortable discipline required of exercise, all bets are off. Results come slow, routines can become monotonous, and dedication is in short supply when the results come slow.

The only way to stay dedicated in my experience, is to not expect results, but to fall in love with the process of committing yourself to improving your internal health. Even if there are no external results, it doesn’t really matter. If you are only doing something for the hope of results, we will often quit, because the motivation that we have in that moment isn’t fervent enough to carry us through to the finish line.

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learn to enjoy fitness is the thing I must to do now.
It is really exhasuting when doing exercise at Gym.
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Love these great findings! Thanks for sharing!

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You look amazing in that combo. I really like your photos and tips. Thank you for sharing and enjoy in fitness.

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This workout set is so cute! I joined orangetheory back in November and am now obsessed with working out. Seriously – I get moody if I don’t go.

xo Logan

I love the vibes of this post! It took me a while to even enjoy working out, but it’s worth the efforts! I find having the right clothes being a gamechanger, hehe. It definitely takes time to see results and other habits contribute to your overall health. Thanks for sharing these positive thoughts!

Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

You look FABULOUS!


You are so right and I extend this to everything we do in life focus on the process and enjoy The results will come but it will take time and determination Love your active wear babe xoxo Cris

I love fitness time 🙂

I totally agree with you, babe! Exercise is truly important in order to stay fit and healthy. The pictures are wonderful, as always! Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

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