How To Look Classically Sexy At Homecoming

How To Look Classically Sexy At Homecoming | Atsuna Matsui

Want to make a splash at this fall’s Homecoming so you’ll be remembered for the rest of the school year? Choose wisely since you don’t want to be remembered for dressing too revealing and trashy but for a donning a classically sexy Homecoming dress. Use the following tips as you hunt through hundreds of dresses to find the right one.

  • Follow the trends of the season to know what’s sexy this fall. This year both bright colours like reds and yellows are popular as well as softer shades of blue and pink. Shorter dresses like flirty fit and flare dresses, snug bandage dresses, and casual floral pattern dresses are still popular but so are longer form-fitting jersey gowns. Your choices are endless.
  • Check out red dresses for a sexy red carpet look, since red is the colour that means both strength and power. With a variety of styles and shades, you’re bound to find a sexy red dress that makes you feel like you’ve already been crowned Homecoming Queen. Wearing a sexy Morilee Sticks & Stones dress will make you looks like you just walked the runway in it, with its fitted silhouette, sexy open back and ruffled satin skirt.
  • Choose a Homecoming dress that will flatter your assets and hide your problem areas. If you want to hide your stomach, try a flared skirt, not one that clings to every bulge. In addition, consider the length of your dress. If you’re on the shorter side and want to elongate yourself or if you just want to show off toned legs, wear either a shorter dress or a hi-low dress where they’ll be showcased. However if you don’t like your legs, it may be better to wear a longer, classic gown and you’ll still feel sexy.
  • Keep covered, meaning if you choose to wear a deep plunging neckline that’s shows off your cleavage, refrain from picking a dress with a very short hemline. You don’t want to spend trying to tug your dress up and pull it down. Choose one asset or the other to showcase. If you’ve been blessed with a bigger bust line, consider trying a plunging V-neck as it actually slims the rest of you out, surprisingly.
  • Avoid super, super short dresses altogether. Check that the potential dresses come to mid-thigh, are finger-tip length, and most importantly, cover your entire bottom when sitting.
  • Watch how many sexy cut-outs are on your dress and where they are located at. A few may enhance the dress, too many will give the wrong impression. Try going for the kind that’s more unique, such as a side cut-outs or a partially open back, though a high slit is still classically sexy as well.  Choose cut-outs like a sexy short dress or a long sweetheart beaded dress, which both showcase your flat stomach and toned back and are a winning combination of sexy, edgy, and modern. If you want to see these, check out the dresses at

As you finish dress shopping, remember to focus on your best attributes and highlight those. It’s your turn to shine and feel like you’re a sexy Homecoming Queen already.

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Definitely missing high school and homecoming season! This post brought back so much memories! <3 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of these great tips! It'll also be useful for picking out dresses for just about any special occasion!

XO, Elizabeth

Super cute dress and lovely tips!

I’m out of school, but these are great tips. For me, it’s always about choosing to flatter assets. When something fits incredibly, you get noticed anyways. 🙂


So pretty! Loved these tips!

There’s something to be said about classic beauty 🙂 you don’t have to show tons of skin to look pretty or even sexy. great post!

Thank god I left this part of school behind me! I remember always getting so stressed out because I just couldn’t find THAT perfect dress. If only I knew your tips back then I could’ve saved myself a lot of anguish.

xo | Cindy Elena

They have some lovely dresses~

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE