Military Service

Military Service | Atsuna Matsui

Military Service | Atsuna Matsui

I enjoy dressing up a little more thematic every now and then. I picked up this Urban Outfitters army jacket that was collecting dust in the back of my closet and thought it was time, it got some attention and love.

Every girl goes through periods of neglecting certain garments in their wardrobe. I’m guilty for being one of those people that has stacks of brand new unworn clothes with tags still attached, sitting in the back of my closet. Previously, I would donate multiple trash bags of clothes to the Goodwill on a seasonal basis, but fashion blogging has given me an excuse to hoard all article of clothing that come into my possession.

Pairing recent purchases with old pieces gives you a greater appreciation for the things you’ve forgotten. These kick-ass readers I’ve purchased from NastyGal complement well with the military look, giving me the cool, nonchalant facade that in reality, I really don’t have.

Jacket // Urban Outfitters
Grey Chloe Crop Top // Mango Rabbit
Pleather Skirt // H&M
Spitfire Lennon Aviator Shades // NastyGal


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You have a beautiful fashion style!

A perfect look! Kisses!!

Your jacket is really great- versatile and classic. Even if you ignore it for a while, don’t ever give it up. You’ll always be able to wear that…

That’s so cool! 🙂

Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

I typically put away all the pieces I don’t wear for a season or more and then reopen the bins and “shop” in my own wardrobe! It’s kind of amazing but time will make you more aware of what you can actually incorporate into your wardrobe.

Style Tomes
Style Tomes on Instagram

Couldn’t agree more! Thematic dressing is such a challenge but when done right it looks amazing! Renovating pieces is such a great way to revamp;these tips were so helpful!

Nice top 🙂
Maria V.