Monochromatic Aesthetic

Monochromatic Aesthetic | Atsuna Matsui

My current aesthetic has primarily been consisting of blacks, whites, and greys. Since I’ve been so keen on basics, I like to accessorize with unique pieces like my Minuit Mesh Watch by CLUSE or this silver pocket watch I picked up from the flea market to spice up an outfit.

Aside from wearable accessories, I’ve been rotating with a couple of different phone cases as well. Depending on what suits my fancy for the day, I might decide to go with an elegant black marble case or this trendy aluminum case by Case App. Case App has a large selection of cases and skin for your iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks. You can also design your own customizable case/skin as well if you really want to get creative. If you’re interested in purchasing, feel free to use my discount code: ATSUNAMATSUI20 for a 20% off discount.

Aluminum Case // Case App
Black Marble // Case App
Minuit Mesh Full Black // CLUSE

20% off Discount code for Case App: ATSUNAMATSUI20

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Loving the phone cases, especially the aluminum one! I’ve never seen anything quite like it 🙂 <3 Blacks, whites, and greys have been my faves lately too!

XO, Elizabeth

Love it! 🙂


I love the good basics. Black and grey are great for matching. X

Paula Loreti

Marble is so aesthetic, love the black one!

I am in love with these minimalistic accessories! Especially the iphone cases.

Omg, so in love with the casings, they’re absolutely beautiful! x

All of them look so good!


oooh the silver pocket watch is so dainty. i love flea markets

Love the black marble case and the black watch!