Net Zero

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

Net Zero | Atsuna Matsui

I’ve been learning to money manage the past couple months to transition into becoming a full-time blogger. One huge topic that many bloggers face is to decide whether or not they want to work through an agency.

For those of you who are bloggers and wanting to know more about agencies, I will briefly cover some information on it in today’s blog post.

Agencies will help find work for you but they will take a 10-30% cut out of your payment from the sponsored brands. The plus side to working with an agency is that they have a team of bloggers that they manage and they have connections with brands, in which they offer brands these deals of working with their team of bloggers for a more effective advertising campaign. Instead of having just one blogger post about the brand’s product, you have a number of bloggers to make a more impactful influence.

There are two types of agencies: non-exclusive and exclusive. Non-exclusive agencies still enable you to work freelance and/or work with other non-exclusive agencies, whereas exclusive agencies require that all your work go through their management.

Personally, I would suggest freelancing and working through non-exclusive agencies to get the best of both worlds. Freelancing as a blogger is great because you get to work on whatever project that is to your liking, but it’s also useful to have a couple of work from non-exclusive agencies to give you additional work through their brand connections.

At a later point, when I’m more financially stable, I would definitely consider getting a manager as well, once you start getting an overwhelming number of sponsorship requests. Also, be sure to get a lawyer to help create a contract for you that protects your financial legal rights and terms that you could have companies sign before proceeding to the collaboration.

If you have a smaller following on your blog or social media accounts, I’d definitely suggest signing up to a couple of free influencer platforms to see what free and paid campaigns they have on there. A couple to check out is: Revfluence, Social Native, Obviously, Markerly, Instabrand, Famebit, Popular Pays, and Advowire.

Hope you guys find this information useful! 🙂 There’s still so much I’m learning so leave in the comments down below any of your thoughts or share any of your blogging related tips.

Wearing: Zaful Asymmetric Knitted Top / Zara Crepe Bomber Jacket / Topshop Cyprus Lace-Up Trainers / Topshop MOTO Hold Power Joni Jeans

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You are such a cool babe in these pictures! Loving the light in there and your outfit is perfect! Also thanks for all the useful info. Have a lovely week! <3


YOU LOOK AMAZING darling:) In love with these photos:) Kisss
Open Kloset By Karina

Great information! I definitely learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about before hand. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

rad outfit and location girl! Your hair always on point
Frank Vinyl : A California Fashion Blog

This is such a gorgeous editorial! Love all the creative shots.

xx freshfizzle

Love the outfit, it’s so sporty & stylish. Great info about agencies too. I think non-exclusive & freelance is definitely a great place to start too! Thanks for sharing.


I agree that going freelance and working with non-exclusive agencies is probably the best bet. It allows a lot more flexibility and the last thing you would want is to get an awesome collaboration opportunity but then have to turn it down.

Also – love your vest!


Love everything about this post! So cute!
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