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Nun Bangkok | Atsuna Matsui

Nun Bangkok | Atsuna Matsui

Nun Bangkok | Atsuna Matsui

Nun Bangkok | Atsuna Matsui

Valentines weekend just passed and I hope all of you guys spent it well with your loved ones or friends. While my Instagram feed was flooded with so many Valentines themed posts, I didn’t dedicate a blog or social media post to Valentines Day this year. (Haha..) In fact, I was pretty much home all night in my jammies with my boyfriend Netflixing like it was any other night, but I was just so complacent of how far our relationship has come in the past 4 and a half years.

I’ve always been more of a person that celebrates love on a daily basis in the small things, rather than the grand gestures of love displayed on Valentine’s Day. The way everyone wants to be loved is different. I think it’s important to communicate what your emotional needs are in a relationship cause it really comes into play on how well your partner will know how you want to celebrate Valentines Day or be proposed. Whether in the small things vs. the grand gestures or intangible gifts vs. material gifts, find out how your partner wants to be cared for and what makes them happy.

For me, Valentines Day this year was a day of reflection. Although at some point your relationship feels like it stops growing with the person you’ve been with for a long time, you as individuals are constantly growing and changing. Having seen him blossom to become the person he is today, it feels like it’s been a journey experiencing our twenties together, tackling the same struggles and uncertainties and taking up on new challenges.

That will be the extent of my spiel about Valentines Day this year. 😛 On another random note, I’ll be attempting to reboot my YouTube Channel this year so stay tuned for that. I’ve always been pretty shy, but I’m starting to finally face my fear, which is why I would love to do some more video content for you guys.

Wearing: WATR Strapback White Cap / Nike Metallic Roshe One / Nun Bangkok Chariot Shorts / Nun Bangkok Beaker Crop in Concrete

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LOVE this sporty look babe so chic and comfy.
You look stunning in all the pics.

Such a cute brand! You look hot as always 🙂

Love this hair!! So pretty <3 Wish that I dare to due my hair like this.

X Merel

I love how you’re style is evolving to such a sporty chic feel! looking good babe!

Dying over those cute shorts and top, I need them in my life! Looks amazing on you babe. Good luck with your You tube Channel, I am sure you will do great!!!

xx, Kusum |

Sounded like a great Vday 🙂 everyone changes and grows and we’re so lucky to still grow with the one we loved when we were different

It must be a cool feeling to grow with somebody you love! Nice cap btw!

xx Margaret

I’m so glad you had a chill Valentine’s Day! Its great to just take a step back and chill!
PS – can’t wait to see your YT videos!
Jordan xx

I agree, great look!

Sounds like a good way to spend Valentine’s for sure! I also believe that love is something that should be shown and shared every day of the year instead and the way you do it depends on the person being the subject of your love, just as you described! And I do hear a lot of maturity in this post apart from the above! I love that you’re going to face your shyness and can’t wait to see some of your videos! 🙂