Only Woman in The Room

Only Woman in The Room | Atsuna Matsui
Only Woman in The Room | Atsuna Matsui
Only Woman in The Room | Atsuna Matsui

Ever wanted to share your thoughts on a beloved novel? You can get the chance with Barnes and Noble’s ongoing book club. The fictional novel I recently read called The Only Woman in the Room premises on a true story of a woman who flees the Nazi Third Reich and finds herself in Los Angeles trying to establish a career in show business. The novel is about an intelligent and daring woman, wishing to be seen for her intellect just as much as her beauty, weaving her way through World War II.

Although I’ve never joined a book club before, I’ve been very much into the idea of exploring new experiences in life that bring excitement and color to my life so I’d love to try it. I’ve always been very interested in intellectual conversations with other deep souls so a book club about the genre in self-improvement seems like it would be quite fulfilling.

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I have never heard of this title A book club sounds like a great way to interact with others and exchange literary thoughts and reviews Love your outfit xoxo Cris

That is really cool! I didn’t know they did a book club!
Raindrops of Sapphire

I’ve also never been a part of a book club, but I like the idea of sharing thoughts together and connecting with others.

Love your top! And love a good book club

bellissimo look

Joining a book club sounds interesting, I’m sure you enjoy being part of it. xx

Sounds like a great read. Would love to read it.

The Style Fanatic
Instagram: Bernie

Oh this sounds like such a wonderful idea. I’ve also always wanted to join a book club too.


Sounds like a good read. Anyway, looking amazing as always dear! Love the black top, really chic look with the skirt.

Jessica |

I used to be in a book club in high school as an after-school activity. I only joined it because I don’t have to do anything exhausting there LOL since I already have cheerleading. But I do miss it sometimes. I like reading books.

xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY