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A few months ago, I attended my first acting class with my friend Sang. It was nerve-racking, but the thrill of trying something new and challenging excited me. I’m innately a pretty shy person IRL and I would get social anxiety in group settings growing up, but I truly believe we have the power to… 

Island Girl

Letting yourself be vulnerable takes great courage. Owning our story can be hard and embracing our vulnerabilities is risky. But without vulnerability, we’d be giving up wonderful experiences like love, belonging, and friendship. What makes you vulnerable is what makes you human and it is a beautiful thing.

NeoCell Super Collagen for Better Skin

This post is sponsored by NeoCell, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. I cannot imagine not being comfortable in my own skin. I look my best self when my skin is looking clear and feeling supple and NeoCell Super Collagen has helped me feel beautiful from the inside out since I’ve… 

Lets Get Checked Home Testing

LetsGetChecked is a health insight platform that provides at-home health tests. It was founded with the mission to help people live longer, happier lives, by putting them at the center of their own healthcare. Their wide range of home tests cover men’s health, women’s health, wellness, and sexual health testing. You self-collect your blood sample in… 


Crossing lines that can never be uncrossed. We don’t have to color within the lines and don’t be afraid to use unexpected colors. Color with joy and with creativity. Let your crayons go wherever they want to go.