Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus

Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus | Atsuna Matsui

Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus | Atsuna Matsui

Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus | Atsuna Matsui

Life Made Easier with Cold Plasma Plus | Atsuna Matsui

A couple of months ago, a friend (who has sensitive skin like myself) recommended me to try out Cold Plasma Plus to hydrate my skin and I really enjoyed it. In the beginning of last year though, I was experiencing some acne due to hormonal changes and my skin was getting oilier so I had to switch up my skincare routine and took a break from using the Cold Plasma Plus. Now, my skin is pretty clear for the most part and has been getting drier ever since my move up to Los Angeles.

I’ve been incorporating Cold Plasma Plus back into my skincare routine and definitely have noticed the anti-aging results. The Cold Plasma Plus is a scent-free formula and truly is one jar that does it all. I’ve seen improvements with my fine lines, pore size, uneven texture, and uneven skin tone.

If you’ve been wanting to edit down your skincare routine or if you were looking for only one product that you should use, definitely look into Cold Plasma Plus. I think it’s suitable for those of you that have normal to dry skin and it really transforms dullness into beautiful, youthful radiance.

Since it’s a concentrated serum, I love applying this stuff at night after I’ve removed my makeup and cleansed my face. Although it is extremely hydrating, I find that it does not clog up my pores at all. Even during the time when I was experiencing moderate acne last year, it didn’t aggravate my acne at all. However, keep in mind if you have oily skin, the product may feel heavy on your skin.

Feel free to check out more information on Cold Plasma Plus on their website and try it out.

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I’d love using scent free products. I also like scented ones, but I prefer the other way around. Sounds like a great product to use for a long span of time.

StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

I haven’t heard of Perricone MD’s brand until now. I like that the Cold Plasma Plus is helpful with getting your skin hydrated. We’ve been having a dry winter lately! Glad to hear that the product works well for your skin type!

Heard/read about this product before somewhere, but I am ye t to try it. Thanks for the reminder dear. Will definitely check this one out.
Jessica |

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’m always in to try out new skincare products 🙂

Vivian x

Oooh I’ve heard such good things about this product 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try it! I have normal skin, but tend to get a little oilier during the warmer months! Would you recommend this? <3

XO, Elizabeth

First time hearing about it, seems like a great product judging by your review.
Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic

Oooh I’ve been trying this recently too! So good! xx HautePinkPretty

Never heard about it but seems pretty promising on anti aging.
Great review dear.

Much Love, Jane | The Bandwagon Chic
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