Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

On Day 4 at Hamburg, we migrated to the Raphael Hotel Walderhaus, an environmental-friendly hotel that saves energy and has a unique timber construction. While my experience at staying at the Renaissance Hotel would be described as very decadent, I had a different, yet still very pleasant experience at the Walderhaus Hotel.

The Walderhaus Hotel is like a forest house containing earthy, wooden decor that really gives this place a cabin-feel. Untreated European larch was used for the facade of the hotel as well as for the roof and exteriors, offering a habitat for plants. This weatherboarding is a feeding and nesting space for small animals and certain design details used on the facade enables a minimization of fire spread.

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

Thousands of plants were planted on the roof of the building as well and this dense roof planting acts as additional insulation and protects the building from summer heat and winter cold. The thick insulation from the green roof surface and the triple solar glazing on the windows work together towards reduced energy consumption for sustainable energy supply.

Raphael Hotel Walderhaus: Hotel Review | Atsuna Matsui

The Walderhaus Hotel focuses on nature and sustainability and shows it in every little design detail. The wooden rooms are well insulated and warm and the toiletries are made from sustainable and regrowing resources, making the experience of staying at this hotel very cozy and intimate.

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Love it! I’ll check it out 🙂

Perfect! Great edit!

Looks beautiful! I love your edits <3


What a cute hotel! Need to check it out when I visit! Love the cute robe ♡
Selina | Selina’s Inspiration

This place looks amazing.
I love the photos.

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

Your photos are a work of art, they’re just awesome! Glad you liked the hotel you stayed in, and I’m so hyped about more and more hotels, malls etc. being more and more ecological and environmentally friendly! 🙂


Such an environmentally friendly and cosy hotel. Nice of you to stay in 2 different hotels in Hamburg, that must be fun and exciting.


This hotel looks amazing,nice photos <3

beautiful photos
The Glossychic

Wow, this interior is really nice! They had a great idea to focus on natural elements.