Red Leather

Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui
Red Leather | Atsuna Matsui

Bold artistry, and an emphasis on color are new layers in the content that I want to amplify more.

Mentally I value the action of taking bold action toward your dreams; However, in my temperament I am often stoic and emotionally reserved. It is something that I like, but am aware that it can make taking photos difficult at times.

I can remember when I first started doing Instagram how it was so hard to pose and be fluid. I wasn’t used to having my photo taken and it took me longer to get acclimated tha I would have liked. I wasn’t a natural, but I was able to just do it. Now it’s been normalized and I can’t really remember how I would ever feel that way again about being in front of the camera.

I think the fear, or insecurity we have over something can be crushed if we just prove to ourselves that you actually can do it. Once you do, your mind seems to relax and there is no anxiety over it at all.

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Nice jacket & Red is always my favorite. Keep posting baby! Cheers!

Nahid |

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Super is this red jacket!

I love your red leather jacket! It looks bold and something different than the traditional black/brown leather jackets. The more you take pictures, the more natural it feels. Sometimes, our self-doubts keep us away from what we want to achieve. Keep rocking the outfits!

Nancy ♥

Love these photos and the jacket and colour too! Also, I do agree. I don’t like getting my photos taken, it makes me uncomfortable but I’m more natural when I take self-portraits and just go with the flow. haha although I still prefer to be behind the camera most times!

XO, Melissa

I love this outfit Red is definitely my colour You look so natural in your images babe Love your style and you are so right Have a lovely weekend xoxo Cris

Actually its my wife’s birthday is coming next week so I was randomly searching on google something unique to gift her so then I have saw your post.The images you have uploaded are beautiful.Looks amazing.I am actually planning to Gift her something..

What a stunning jacket! It looks so good on you x

Jelz Inspired |

I always feel like its hard to find the perfect shade of red when it comes to a leather jacket. I have to say that this jacket is so gorgeous. I really love how its a nice alternative to always getting black always. Your photos and style sense is gorgeous 🙂

questa giacca è meravigliosa