RedBubble | Atsuna Matsui

RedBubble | Atsuna Matsui

RedBubble | Atsuna Matsui

RedBubble | Atsuna Matsui

I did a collaboration with RedBubble on this to get some new decor for my apartment. It was great to freshen up the look of my place.  I had a previous monochrome theme, that although I adored, it was great to switch it up and add some color to give my space some life. I especially liked the surreal watercolor art pieces that I picked up. I sprinkled this around in different places of my apartment and I think they really capture the temperament and dreamy energy of myself. If you wanna check out any of these items, you can find them on

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good color combination of your dress and back ground.

It’s so cool that you got some prints for your place. I am a sucker for watercolors! Glad they turned out great – definitely checking out RedBubble. Thanks for sharing the results!

Nancy ♥

These prints look incredible (so do you, Atsuna!) I need to check out their website now xx


How fun are these prints! Nice to know about this site.

I’m impressed by the beauty of the illustrations and my compliments, the pictures turned out perfect!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Pretty ilustrations 🙂

The illustrations are so artistic and beautiful! As always, I love your pictures. They tell a story, the composition is totally fab.

xo, Andreea |

Beautiful illustrations, I especially love how well they go together. The artist, who created these pictures is so talented!
Lots of love ♥ January Girl

These watercolor pieces are sooo beautiful <3 🙂 I love the subtle pop of color that you added to everything!

XO, Elizabeth T.