Romance In the Air

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Romance In the Air | Atsuna Matsui

Happy Valentines Day ladies and gents. Hope you are spending this beautiful day with your loved one(s), whether that be your special someone or your close companions.

As for me, I’m celebrating it with my man. We’re reaching towards our 4th year anniversary this summer and our relationship has been quite the journey. We experienced in living in many different homes (from OC to LA to Japan) and rotated between different circles of friends, but one unchanging fact was that we always kept each other close and dear to our hearts. Twenties are a time of exploration, not certainty. We’ve transitioned into our multiple phases of adventures, and although there have been several challenging moments where we’ve questioned to continue fighting for our relationship, we’ve yet persisted.

In celebration of our love, I wanted to dress sexy and dainty for our dinner date at an Italian restaurant that he made reservations for. It’s a surprise so I can’t fill you guys in on the restaurant name yet, but I’ll definitely let you guys know if the food is super tasty. Before our dinner, we’re also going to ride on a helicopter to get a view of Downtown LA and capture some amazing cityscape photos. At the end of our evening, we’ll be grabbing a few drinks at Library Bar, which is a small bar great for intimate gatherings.

What are your Valentines Day plans like? I’d love to hear!

Fuzzy Jacket // Boutique in Venice
Velvet Skirt // Ebay
Mocha Sydney Cold Shoulder Top // PoshSquare
Pacifica Chunky Heeled Strappy Sandal // Tobi
Maxine Round Sunglasses (similar style) // Urban Outfitters

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Great post and beautiful look
I love your style and your blog. Visit mine if you want

Your look is Valentine’s Day perfection! I love the shaggy coat that you threw over your cut top. The cut out on your shoulders shows some skin and make your look sexy! I love hearing about how you and your bf have been through some rough times, and yet you guys still managed to work it out and stay together. I think that’s what relationships are about because it is important to be able to work at any issues together. I hope you enjoyed your day with him and I love this look!

oh wow looks so pretty head to toe

Loving the pink color of this top, and the cut-out sleeves definitely make it a very dainty and sexy piece! Congratulations to you and your boyfriend, love, and hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day! Hehehe me and my boyfriend are just eating in DTLA too <3 Oh, and btw, is this the new hair color you mentioned in the previous post? Totally loving it! 😀

XO, Elizabeth

Your Valentine’s Day plan sounds awesome and I hope you have lots of fun! You look gorgeous as well, love the top and the jacket looks so cozy!

Loving this outfit! <3 You look gorgeous as always! And ah, your Valentine's Day plans are GOALS– I'm so jealous!


Cute outfit!

Your daily inspiration and motivation on

Love your top! So cute.

Love your #PoshSquareStyle Atsuna <3

oh wow these photographs are amazing! Love it!
Lunjasky bloglovin