A Scenic Tour of the Blue Mountains

A Scenic Tour of the Blue Mountains | Atsuna MatsuiPhoto by Craig Anderson

A visit to Australia is not complete without taking in some of the spectacular scenery that is on offer in this vast country. One area of exceptional beauty is the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, which is only a short trip from Sydney. You can see some fantastic hotels in the area on Trip Advisor, but an alternative to staying in this scenic area is to see the sights from the air. Whether you take a trip in a helicopter or a plane, flying is an excellent way to take in the landscape and get a unique bird’s eye perspective of the majestic mountains and surrounding area. 

A Stone’s Throw from Sydney

When you search for scenic flights in Sydney, most of the tour operators will offer a trip to the Blue Mountains. The mountain range starts just 50KM from the suburbs of Sydney, which makes them readily available to both locals and tourists alike.

There are many attractions in this area with at least eight peaks being over 1000 meters above sea level with the largest one being unnamed and having a recorded height of 1189 meters. The climate can often see snow on the higher peaks, and the average rainfall is just over 1000 milliliters with the area also receiving many days of mist throughout the year.

Must-See Attractions

As well as taking a scenic tour on the Blue Mountains by air, there are also plenty of things to see and do at ground level, no matter what your tastes and interests are.

  • Blackfellows Hand Cave – Get in touch with the local culture and see the ancient hand paintings in this historic cave in Lithgow.
  • Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park – Experience the life of the first European miners in the area at this museum and park. As well as the State Mine Museum, you can also visit the State Mine Railway and the Lithgow Loco Workshop, three attractions in one!
  • The Three Sisters – A trek to the Three Sisters is worth the effort as you will be rewarded with spectacular views.
  • Wentworth Falls – Wentworth Falls is another area of natural beauty that has to be experienced to be believed.

The Best Weather for Flying

If you decide to book a flying tour of the area, then there are times of the year which are better than others to time your visit. Sometimes when the weather moves in, it makes flying in the Blue Mountains tricky. So, be prepared for an alternative destination when Mother Nature decides to put a dampener on your plans. During the summer months of December to February, you will be able to get the clearest conditions, making it best for flying. However, between February and March, you can also experience some excellent weather making it a good time to explore the area by air.

No visit to Australia would be complete without a trip to the Blue Mountains; and the ease of access from Sydney makes them an extremely popular destination for tourists, as well as locals. So make sure that you take the time to explore this beautiful area of Australia when you pay your next visit down under!

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Atsuna I love that you made a little guide! I considered Australia for my honeymoon but eventually decided it was too far for me. It sounds so beautiful! I hope one day I get to visit. 🙂xx Belle

The view is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

xx Margaret

love this post! xx

Can i just say that that photo is spectacular it makes me want to throw on my travel gear and head out to Sydney! Great post!

Great post!
Un bacione,
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Wish I could go there someday 🙂


Wow Australia is so beautiful, I will save this post for when I visit. Thanks for sharing beautiful.

Loving that beautiful capture of the sky <3 Thank you so much for sharing all of these great recommendations! I really want to visit Australia one day too! 🙂

XO, Elizabeth

What a wonderful place and astonishing view! I hope to visit one day!

You make me want to visit Australia even more than I already do!!