Sea Foam Cashmere

Sea Foam Cashmere | Atsuna Matsui

Sea Foam Cashmere | Atsuna Matsui

Sea Foam Cashmere | Atsuna Matsui

Cashmere sweaters are great for Fall and Winter.  I love soft, fluffy fabrics — I mean who doesn’t right? I think knitwear can be dressed up so many different ways and doesn’t need to have a bland or ‘mom’ mislabel on it at all.  I took a stroll through Little Tokyo and had me a great Matcha Latte at Midori Matcha which I highly recommend.

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Really great article, Glad to read the article. Thanks for posting.

Nahid |

This is such a beautiful colour!!!

I love the clothing and wished I looked half as good but you look amazing and I love the color of your sweater it’s amazing. And I think your boots are too cute but a little to much heel for me as I’m tall and would probably fall on my face with that much heel.

Beautiful clothing. I absolutely love the color of this sweater it’s so pretty. Those boots are too cute although too much of a heel for me as I’m really tall. But everything you wear looks amazing!

I love how you pieced this outfit together! Knitwears are the best even though they’re harder to maintain. It is so crazy that I’ve lived in LA my whole life but haven’t been to that plaza!

Nancy ♥

This is such a beautiful jumper!

x Lisa |

I am obsessed with those boots!
xo, Ellese


Incredible sweater ♥ I love your ootd 🙂

Cashmere sweaters are my favorite for the season too! <3 🙂 In love with this color on you babe!

XO, Elizabeth T.