Small Girl In A Big City

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

Small Girl In A Big City | Atsuna Matsui

When I was a child, my dreams would always encompass me being chased. Whenever conflict stirred, I would try to escape through the means of flying, but fear would debilitate me from successfully lifting off.

Over the past course of the year, my dreams have been evolving quite a bit. Instead of turning away out of weakness, I’ve been able to fight back to the enemies in my dreams. I think a lot has to do with how far I’ve grown with my confidence.

Although I know to the world, I may just be one little person, I’ve made my world my playground. Life is what you make of it and I’ve created meaning within my own life based on my own values, which has led me to my ultimate happiness.

Half of the journey in life is to discover who we are and the other half is to really just learn to be happy with what you find.

Apricot Polo Neck Loose Knit Sweater || ZNU
Spiftire Lennon Aviator Shades || Nasty Gal
Saffiano Leather Chain Wallet | Prada
Suede Rosa Cap Toe Lace Up Bootie
|| AquaPillar
Vendy Lucka Knit Beret || Goorin Brothers

Photos by Michelle Lock

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Some beautiful shots here, I love that turtleneck sweater dress!

I find it amazing how the dreams are evolving at the same time with us. I perfectly understand what you are talking about, as I am a big dreamer and a passionate researcher of the nature of dreams and where do they come from. Love your sweater-dress! As always, you look like a super model!
xo Sabina

Love this dress with these heels also how you styled it 🙂

Thank you for sharing the content of your dreams with us. I’ve had a similar dream landscape before. It comes back every now and then when I feel things go out of control. What you said about discovering who we are and accepting what we find is wise! Style-wise: You look flawless, by the way!

PS: You’re on our post about snapback caps here!

Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

Love this dress, such a cool outfit xoxo

Love your style <3

love the entire outfit, expecially the bag <3

aww I remember us talking about this, I really relate to this post so much! I just gotta learn to fight off the people chasing me too.

ps. you look amazing as always! love that dress!

This look is amazing and Im loving those glasses!