Spot This App Review

Spot This App Review | Atsuna Matsui

Have you ever spotted something you liked online, on the street, or in a magazine and wondered where can I get that? is a popular service for Instagram, where you sign up for their website and receive an email every time you like a photo on Instagram with the WWW.LIKETK.IT link with the outfit details. This type of service is limiting for 3 reasons.

1) Not all fashion bloggers use the WWW.LIKETK.IT link.
2) What if you just like a photo simply because you think it’s a great photo and don’t want to overflow your inbox with unnecessary emails.
3) What if the original item is out of your budget and you want to look for a more affordable version?

Fortunately, I recently discovered a simple website service called Spot This, (the better, improved version of basically!) With the help of Spot This, you can find your favorite outfits by simply pinning an outfit using their pinning tool or snap a picture and upload it to their site.

From there, they will shortlist their best matches for your review using their proprietary image processing software. You can browse their recommendations, select your favorite match, and shop directly on the retailer’s website. Neat right?! Now you can find any item you’ve spotted from anywhere with the alternative options of getting it at a cheaper price. Feel free to check out the website Spot This for more detailed information on how to register for free.

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seems to be cooler that might try it!

Thanks for sharing pretty girl.

Thank you for sharing pretty gril!

Thanks for the information. I hate like it know it. –Hanna Lei

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Nice. I was not a liketoknowit fan at all, but this seems easier to use. Thank you Atsuna for sharing!


Ooo I like the sound of this app!
x Emily

Never heard of Spot This, but thanks for sharing!

Love it!