Sunday Mood

Sunday Mood | Atsuna Matsui

Sunday Mood | Atsuna Matsui

Sunday Mood | Atsuna Matsui

Sunday Mood | Atsuna Matsui

Sunday Mood | Atsuna Matsui

A couple weeks ago, I had a cute little lunch date with Yuka, another fellow blogger friend of mine that is half Japanese and half Taiwanese like myself. She has bright, bold pink hair and typically gravitates towards darker colors in her closet, giving her an edgy style that’s sure to turn heads. For those of you who are interested in seeing her blog, check it out here.

Personality-wise, she was so down-to-earth and sweet. I had met Yuka through Instagram. We dined at Go Get Em Tiger, which is an LA coffee shop that serves coffee, tea, and cafe type meals in a counter-serve setting with minimal, chic decor and bench seating. The place was packed on that Sunday morning, but the kinetic, and vibrant energy set me to a pleasant, cheery mood that day. I had their dandelion salad and fragrant leaf tea. The ingredients were simple, but I enjoyed the good, clean flavors of my meal. After we finished our brunch, our stomach still had room for desserts so we tried Salt & Straw, an ice cream shop just another block down. The temperature were in their mid 90’s that day and there was a long line of customers waiting to get there ice cream, maybe in part due to the heat. The shop has an array of different interesting flavors, but I opted for something simple and ordered the pomegranate molasses sherbet on a cone. The weather was so hot that the ice cream was melting faster than the pace I was eating it, but regardless, indulging my sweet tooth was a treat.

I had such a delightful time spent with a new friend and can’t wait to go on more outings with this one.

Black Cold Shoulder Lace Panel Tie Front Blouse // Choies
PETITE Cord Button Front A-line Skirt // Topshop
Jet Set Embossed Python Crossbody in Silver Hardware // Michael Kors
Charcoal Wooden Heel Sandal // American Apparel

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Sounds like a lovely day, isn’t it great how blogging can bring new friends. Love your top chick
livinginaboxx | bloglovin

everything about this look is lovely! 😀

♥ | | xoxo

Love the skirt and platform sandals! Too bad it’s already getting cold in Chicago!