The Best U.S. Events For Fashionistas

The Best U.S. Events For Fashionistas | Atsuna Matsui

Those who love to stay up to date on the latest fashion tend to put a lot of stock in everyday wardrobes. After all, what’s the sense in keeping an updated, fashion-forward wardrobe without putting it to use in your day-to-day life? Even so, however, there’s something about dressing up for specific events that feels even more special for a lot of women who care about style. Choosing a particular outfit, showing up looking your best, and mingling with other fashionable people can just make you feel special.

Along these lines, I’ve done a little bit of searching around for some of the most enjoyable U.S. events for devoted fashionistas. Whether or not you’re interested in the underlying attractions at the following events, they make for great opportunities to shop for a new outfit and show ‘em what you’ve got!

The Best U.S. Events For Fashionistas | Atsuna Matsui

Made LA

Naturally one of the first places to look in a conversation like this is to fashion shows, and there are many to choose from throughout the U.S. (and not just in New York and LA). That said, Made LA, or more specifically Made Fashion Week in Los Angeles, has become one fo the trendier shows in the country. Access can be hit or miss at these shows, but if you’re able to attend any of the events or surrounding festivities you’ll get a great chance to dress your best.

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance is a different kind of event. It’s actually not quite as formal as you might expect for one of the world’s most famous film festivals. However, there are a lot of important industry people there, and there’s a lot of business being done, so people tend to look their best in a sort of semi-laid back, mountain vacation sort of way. Access, unless you have connections, is pricey. But if you’re a film lover it can be an incredible experience, and an interesting challenge from a fashion standpoint.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an incredibly prestigious event, whether or not you’re much of a horse racing fans. Only 20 horses from all around the country compete, meaning they’ve all beaten the odds to be there, and fans of the sport often count attending as a bucket list event. But the Derby wouldn’t be what it is without its fabulous, over-the-top style. There is something inherently silly about horse racing fashion – giant hats tipping over with ribbons and plumage, gaudy accessories, bright sundresses, etc. – but it can also make for some very pretty spring looks. And it’s hard to imagine not having a great time putting together your Derby outfit.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Here, as with Made LA, we could have picked from a number of different musical and theater shows around the country. But the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has really asserted itself as one of the best in the U.S. of late, so we’re giving it the nod. The truth of the matter is that any major, big city symphony can make for a fancy night out. There’s something wonderfully elegant about dressing up in your classiest evening wear, perhaps having a cocktail or two, and sitting for a symphony performance.

The U.S. Open

We’re turning back to sports for this final selection. The U.S. Open, an annual tournament in New York, showcases some of the best tennis on the planet, and is renowned for its fun-filled atmosphere and enthusiastic crowd. And during day matches, when it’s frequently above 90 degrees, most people dress lightly and casually. For the night sessions, however, fashion becomes a focus. Not everyone dresses up, but many take it as an opportunity to strut their stuff, and it’s even fairly common to see A-list celebrities joining in.

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Lovely read dear. As a New Yorker, I always look forward to U.S. Open, not just the players, but the festive vibe and the wonderful people, and celebs.

Jessica |

These sound like such great events, hope you have been well 🙂 xx

I’ve really been wanting to attend more events, since networking is definitely one of my weaknesses! Thanks for sharing all of these great events, babe! <3 🙂 Would love to see any other recommendations that you have, especially for LA!

XO, Elizabeth

Thank you for the round up girl.. I wish I’d live in the US so I could actually attend these haha. Maybe one day 🙂

x Lisa |