Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed my photo adventures in Santa Fe last week. Santa Fe Tourism was kind enough to fly me out to experience the beautiful city of Santa Fe and there was a ton of photo opportunities. If you love earthy/bohemian aesthetics, I highly recommend visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Southwestern style and culture. I loved the fact that it wasn’t crowded anywhere, making it really easy to photograph without distraction or interruptions. 😉

El Rancho De Las GolondrinasTop 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

El Rancho De Las Golondrinas is the Southwest’s Premier Living History Museum and what’s neat about this museum is that it’s primarily outdoors. Apparently, they shot a lot of movies and tv shows at this location, which speaks volumes about what a picturesque location this entire place is. Santa Fe is also known for its signature adobe buildings, so you’ll see a ton of burgundy buildings all throughout the city.

Canyon Road

Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Canyon Road is a path that contains a lot of art galleries. Down this street, there were some cute colorful walls accompanied with some greenery and flowers. I think this location is a perfect place to snap a couple of #ootd outfit photos and you can also take a stroll and peruse through the different types of art by different artists in the galleries. There seriously was a ton of creative artwork here and I was a little tempted to buy a small painting, but I just had no room in my suitcase sadly.

Historic Plaza AreaTop 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

The Historic Plaza Area has a ton of boutiques that carry clothing, jewelry, textile, and etc. I love the fact that all the shops here are local and some of the storefronts are decorated and painted in such a quaint way that felt very homely. You can definitely squeeze in some nice photo opportunities here while you shop around this plaza area.

Sunrise Springs Resort

Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Top 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

If you’re planning to make a trip to Santa Fe, DEFINITELY stay a couple of nights at Sunrise Springs Resort. This resort really helps you to reconnect with nature and is one of the most relaxing resort I’ve ever stayed at. What makes this resort so unique is that you can do activities onsite such as fishing, playing with Silkie chickens, visiting the greenhouse, soaking in the private Ojitos, candlelight yoga, and etc. You can snap a lot of lifestyle photos when doing these activities so it’s definitely a place worth checking out for lifestyle Instagrammers/bloggers.

Inn and Spa at LorettoTop 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Another hotel that I really enjoyed staying at is Inn and Spa at Loretto. The rooftop view from this hotel is amazing and gives you one of the best views of Santa Fe since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the city. The hotel is made of adobe and many photographers have flown to Santa Fe just to photograph the unique architecture of this hotel. They also have the famous Loretto chapel next door, where many weddings take place.

Beautiful Trees and Flowers EverywhereTop 6 Photo Opportunities in Santa Fe | Atsuna Matsui

Santa Fe is known for their greens, despite the dry weather here so if you enjoy photographing nature, I definitely recommend visiting Santa Fe. Literally, every corner has some trees and flowers and by law, no building can be more than 5 stories tall so you’ll always enjoy a panoramic view of the vast sky. If you’re a hiker or biker, the Railyard District‘s Santa Fe Rail Trail is an outdoor recreation amenity that’s also worth checking out.

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I was looking for some places to do a photo shoot in Santa Fe and stumbled across this. Thank you for some great ideas.
Adriana |

Saving this page for when I go!! I love your outfits and how they blend well with the background!

Sheena | Sheena Loves Sunsets

So nice places!! You look fabulous, all outfits are so inspiring!

beautiful picture.
I love your dress in the last picture

OMG these are such cute and cool places
xo | Cindy Elena

This looks so beautiful! I love your outfits here so much 🙂

I am loving all these location picks esp. Cannyon Road and Historic Plaza Area!

Jessica |

I am loving all these location picks. They look like so great for photography indeed, especially Canyon Road and Historic Plaza Area!

Jessica |

All of these photos are amazing, especially those flower fields! <3 I love how everything feels a little extra rustic and bohemian! 🙂 So pretty!

XO, Elizabeth

beautiful photos
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