Us Against the World

Us Against the World | Atsuna Matsui

Since I was about thirteen, I’ve had this habit of collecting quotes and every now and then when I encounter a happening or conversation with a friend that calls for me to regurgitate any of the quotes from my quote collection bank, I get this glimmer of satisfaction and nostalgia that never gets old. I attach memories and feelings with the quotes I’ve collected and they’re something really sentimental that I hold dear to my heart.

Us Against the World | Atsuna Matsui

I don’t even watch the TV series Grey’s Anatomy, but at some point in time I guess I came across this quote and although not exactly meaningful, nor great, I just thought of it as a simple quote that empowered how I felt about my relationship with my beloved. “I believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart” – Meredith Grey

Nearing to our 3rd year anniversary, me and my partner have gone through many hardships, challenges, and obstacles in our relationship to get to where we are now. In my eyes, we’ve reached a level of comfort and understanding to forgive each other of our previous transgressions and focus on the happiness of our present life.

Us Against the World | Atsuna Matsui

I recall the droughts and months of misery we’ve been through, and I feel really relieved to say that we’ve made it pass through them. The youth and what they classify as “love” is really offensive because they’ve idealized this notion of love as something so romanticized that they’ve disillusioned themselves of the reality of what it entails.

Us Against the World | Atsuna Matsui

Loving someone isn’t this fleeting emotion that so easily comes and goes give or take a few months. But, it’s to grow with someone and to become invested in them for all their uncanny imperfections. As beautiful as the idea soulmates sounds, frankly they don’t exist and I think it’s a silly excuse people use for their own lack of drive at trying in a relationship. All I’m saying is that relationships are really just work and who you choose to fall in or out of love with is a matter of choice and willpower.

The notion that “Falling in love is all about timing” only falls prey to those who let it be. Because for those of you who truly find the right person even at the wrong times, like Buddha would say, “If you have the will, you will find a way“.

Us Against the World | Atsuna Matsui

To truly get anything you want in life, you have to fight for it. And not just fight for it then have some momentarily lapses, but guard your love as if its a treasure and nurture it like a plant so that it develops and grows to become a healthy tree. Let’s not be passive agents to love, but active participants in creating love.

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This was written beautifully.

I go through these exact emotions when I ponder my 6 year relationship. My boyfriend and I have gone through said “droughts and months of misery” and there are times when I feel it’s still hard to forgive past mistakes, but I will always be much happier conquering life together, rather than being apart.