Weekend in Miami South Beach

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Weekend in Miami South Beach | Atsuna Matsui

Two weeks ago, I made a visit to Miami, Florida for the first time with my boo to attend The Rolling Loud Festival. We strolled around South Beach and Downtown during our brief stay and captured some photos.

I find it really fascinating how the aesthetic and culture of various parts of the world can be so vastly different with one another. Even though Miami is still in the United States, the atmosphere is so different to Los Angeles with its retro design element of the art deco scene. The color palette of buildings and furniture is white along with bright bold colors of the rainbow and I spotted several flashy convertibles on the streets. It truly embodies the beach lifestyle given the hot, humid weather year round. Since it’s summer forever in Miami, it encourages a dress code of bikinis, shorts, and flip-flops, even in restaurants. With vibrant shades and bold, loud prints being the ideal way to dress here, I felt a sense of liveliness and energy from the people.

Fashion is heavily influenced by culture and the weather of a location. In June, I will be traveling to Mexico and I’m excited to observe the architecture and do more people-watching.

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Looks great, never been to miami

Hi Atsuna!
My Name is Mary and I am a new fashion blogger. Nice to e-meet you!

I love your chic style with nude bright colors!


Those are really fab pants you got there dear! Looks so chic with your sexy top. Perfect loafers to pair it with too.

Jessica | notjessfashion.com

I like these pants! 🙂
QC | wholesale childrens clothing

Miami is irresistible from the sound of it. You look lovely in pink and white.


Wow!! You look fab from head to toe <3 love this combo of white and pink <3 Great! Thanks for sharing <3 Lots of love!
Beauty and Fashion Freaks

Wish I could be at the beach right now instead of work, haha! The pictures are stunning 🙂


You make me dream with these pics and words! I want to visit Miami so bad! You are stunning btw 🙂
xx Dasynka

oh wow…you look amazing. I could use a vacay.
The Glossychic