Winter Skincare Survival with Dove

Winter Skincare Survival with Dove | Atsuna Matsui

Winter Skincare Survival with Dove | Atsuna Matsui

Winter Skincare Survival with Dove | Atsuna Matsui

Winter Skincare Survival with Dove | Atsuna Matsui

This post is sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. All opinions are my own.

When the weather changes from hot to cold, I find that I need to change my skincare routine to adapt to the weather change. The cooler months are a time when I take extra care to protect my skin from getting dry. Here are 5 top tips for your winter skincare routine from Dove Dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba.

  1. Lay off the intense exfoliation: Over-exfoliating can strip the skin of its essential oils, leading to breakouts in the dryer, colder months. A misconception is that rubbing off dead skin cells daily will improve skin when it actually can dehydrate it.
  2. Invest in a hydrating cleanser: Dry skin is uncomfortable and can lead to serious skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and can be a major cause of winter itch. Use a hydrating cleanser and make sure to moisturize the skin after cleansing.
  3. Sunscreen for all seasons: Pack away the bikinis and sarongs, but keep the sunscreen right next to your daily moisturizer. Consider switching to a moisturizing sunscreen, a bit richer than your summer product. Harmful UV rays don’t take a break from the cold weather. Even if you’re bundled up, sunscreen is a must for your face and any other skin that’s not covered up.
  4. Moisturize beyond the face: Warm weather ensembles require us to pay attention to the skin we’re showing, but it can be easy to neglect our covered areas when we swap in our less-revealing winter wardrobes. You want to be active in treating the neck, chest, hands, and elsewhere all year long. Fall and winter are the time to give extra care to the areas you tend to neglect.
  5. Care for your underarms: Underarm skin is sensitive and an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Textures and fabrics in sweaters, undergarments, and t-shirts can irritate the skin. Underneath all those layers, you’ll need a product that keeps you hydrated and protected. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is formulated with moisturizers to help alleviate irritation and leave you with softer and smoother underarms. It provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection and includes skin care benefits for softer, smoother underarms.

We all need to reconsider our skincare routine as the seasons change. It’s important to have a new regimen that includes commonly forgotten areas of the body such as hands, neck, elbows, underarms, and etc.

For more information on Dove Advanced Care, click here.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.
Winter Skincare Survival with Dove | Atsuna Matsui

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I love this post! 🙂

Dove is seriously the best! Loved them for years now 🙂

xx Lisa |

I’ve used Dove for as long as I can remember, I find that their antiperspirants smell the best out of all in the market! Looks like they’ve come out with some new products and fragrances! Thanks for sharing~

IG | @viviyunn_


Obsesed with your hair dear <3

I’ve always so many great things about Dove’s product <3 🙂 Can't wait to them!

XO, Elizabeth

Oh wow these items sound great. I am going to check them out. xoxo Cris

Sorry poor connection and posted comment like 3x. >.<

Great post, especially during a time when so many of us are hitting the gym again during colder seasons.I love Dove products. I use their body soap, dry shampoo and the Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant as well.


I always love dove.
They are very delicate to skin.

Much Love,
Jane | The Bandwagon Chic