Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

Wonderspaces | Atsuna Matsui

My favorite activity to do when I’m outside of my home is definitely visiting art exhibitions/installations. From a young age, out of the 5 senses, I’ve always been primarily inspired by sight and touch. I’m a very visual and tactile person, which is why I channel my creativity towards fashion since I like mixing and matching the different fabric of garments and playing with a variety of color palettes.

A couple weeks ago, I visited Wonderspaces in San Diego. Not only did I get to experience virtual reality for the first time, but they also had a number of other really cool, interactive art installations on sight that I think is worth checking out if you’re nearby.

I love the fact that upcoming art exhibitions are increasingly becoming more interactive cause it makes the experience so much more personable and memorable. Let me know if you have any art installations you recommend? I’d love to explore and tickle my senses.

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Wow this art installation looks amazing! I would want to touch everything although I know you’re not supposed to.


Who, this visual art installation looks so dope! Wish I was living near to San Diego. And I love your outfit, totally my style but after the cool visual installations, it’s your hair that caught my eyes!

Beautiful photos and I love the colour of your hair

This place is so gorgeous! 🙂

Woww!! Great pics 😀


Wow amazing photos! Looks like a great exhibition. Gemma x

Beautiful pictures dear.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic

I’ve heard so many great things about Wonderspaces, and I’ve also seen all of the various posts on Instagram! Definitely bookmarking this spot and visiting the next time I’m in San Diego!

XO, Elizabeth

These are wonderful art displays, would love to see one when I have the chance to. Love what you’re wearing girl, looks cool and comfy.


Wow these are so cool!! I love art installations too but unfortunately my city doesn’t have a lot of them 🙁